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August 5: 
The new ALF Newsletter 86 Summer 2014 is now available. CLICK HERE
. The new biography of our very own Joan Kennedy Taylor has been published. The bio, written by Jeff Riggenbach is a masterpiece. We will review it in the next newsletter and on the Facebook page for ALF. Please see the newsletter for the rules for our new media. Our new blog features a descriptive list of 19 Libertarian Women Trailblazers, with more in the series to come, including a descriptive list of our libertarian foremothers like Joan. CLICK HERE. The libertarian anthology in progress will be done soon. We will keep you posted on the publication date.
Sharon Presley's talk at Wellesley [see previous announcement] went well. It was given to a small seminar of women in Intersession.


December 28:
A new book review has been added to the Book Reviews page. Sharon Presley reviews Freedom Feminism by Christina Hoff Sommers and doesn't find it very freeing-- or very scholarly either. Read it by clicking HERE.

We are also in the process of changing over our old font into a new Art Deco font.

December 27:
Sharon Presley will be speaking for the Freedom Project at Wellesley College on the topic of "Individualism and Feminism" on Jan. 22, 2014.

Oct 11:
The new ALF newsletter is now available. CLICK HERE. We have a new newsletter editor: Pamela Stubbart. The newsletter includes information about other libertarian feminist activities as well as a review of Christina Hoff Sommers' book Freedom Feminism and a second edition of John Blundell's Ladies of Liberty.



Oct 11:
ALF Executive Director Sharon Presley will be speaking at Libertopia in San Diego this weekend. One of her talks is "Government Is Women's Enemy Part II: Privates Alternatives to Government Social Services. A reading list on this topic can be found by CLICKING HERE. The other talk is "Walking the Walk: Not Just talking About It." An article that formed the basis of this talk can be found by CLICKING HERE. She will also be on a panel about private alternatives to government services. There will be an ALF table at this conference with information about ALF. There will be an ALF table staffed by ALF members.

June 21:

The new ALF News # 84 Summer 2012 is now available. CLICK HERE.
ALF Executive Director Sharon Presley will be speaking at Libertopia in October. For more details, see the newsletter.

June 3:

We have some exciting news about ALF's work. First of all, Reason magazine recently interviewed Sharon Presley, ALF Executive Director. CLICK HERE to see the video.. In spite of the hostile comments made by the ever present YouTube trolls, Sharon has gotten a very positive response to this video. ALF also has a new YT channel where you can find links to a number of talks on libertarian feminism given by Sharon and by the late Joan Kennedy Taylor (former National Coordinator of ALF) as well as videos by other libertarian feminist woman. If you have a YT account, please subscribe! CLICK HERE for the ALF YT Channel. If you know of other videos that would be appropriate for us to include on our playlist, please let us know at via our contact form.

ALF is now has a membership fee, $12/two-years. CLICK HERE to join. We are also soliciting contributions to support our mission and our programs. If you would like to support us by contributing, click on any "Donate" button at the bottom of any page. Since the ALF staff is all volunteers, all donations go toward financing our outreach and our projects. Upcoming projects include partial sponsorship of the libertarian feminism anthology on current social issues currently being edited by Sharon Presley and new ALF Board member Ross Kenyon; reprinting the libertarian feminist classic Concerning Women by Suzanne LaFollette; making CDs and DVDs of the video of the conference on autonomy and the family that ALF co-sponsored a number of years ago; and promoting microfinance loan programs for poor women. Watch for announcements about these projects soon.

In anticipation of ALF becoming a nonprofit organization and because ALF now has an international membership, the Board decided to change the names of the titles of the officers. National Coordinator no longer seemed appropriate so the new executive officer is now called the Executive Director and the Coordinating Committee is now the Board of Directors. Continuing members include Lee Nason, Andrea Millen Rich, Fred Moulton and Natasha Shebeko. Two new board members have been added. Arlyne Diamond is the CEO of Diamond Associates, a business management consulting firm. Dr. Diamond, whose PhD is in Clinical Psychology, is also running for California State Assembly District #25. Ross Kenyon, who recently graduated with a BA in history from Arizona State, is also a co-editor of and contributor to the forthcoming ALLiance of the Libertarian Left anthology on libertarian approaches to class theory and analysis. He also serves on the Executive Board of Alumni for Liberty. Due to the death of her husband and other personal reasons, Rebecca Hurst has resigned from the Board. In addition to Sharon Presley, who continues as Executive Director, the new treasurer is Laura Twombly Trinies, a longtime libertarian. Penny Burbank, our new secretary, is also Women's Studies & Social Media Curriculum Coordinator at the Free Minds Institute.

March 21:

ALF now has a PayPal account and a Donate button at the bottom of each page. As we say on the Join page: "You can make a contribution of any amount you want by clicking the "Donate" button at the bottom of any page. We use donations to pay for printed material and newsletters distributed at conferences and other related expenses. Upcoming projects include making CDs/DVDs of the "Autonomy and the Family Conference" that ALF co-sponsored a number of years ago. We will also soon be starting a drive to raise funds to publish a reprint of the Suzanne LaFollette book Concerning Women. You can read about LaFollette by clicking here. Watch for that announcement soon.

Sharon Presley will be speaking on "Women Resisters to Authority" for Women's History Month at Argosy University in Chicago on March 28. If you are in the Chicago Area and would like to attend, send us a message via the Contact page or contact Sharon on her Facebook page and she will put you on the guest list.

February 3: Incensed by the ill-informed and vulgar video, "Is Feminism Socialism with Panties" done by Stefan Molyneux and tired of the litany of other ill-informed anti-feminists among both conservatives and libertarians, a group pf libertarians, including ALF Board of Directors members Ross Kenyon and Sharon Presley , posted a collective rejoinder on Facebook on Jnauary 31, 2012. CLICK HERE. Many ALF members also joined in signing the statement.

January 10: In anticipation of applying for 503(c)(3) nonprofit status, ALF has changed the structure of its governing board from National Coordinator and Coordinating Committee to Executive Director and Board of Directors. We welcome Ross Kenyon and ArLyne Diamond to the new Board of Directors. We also welcome new Secretary Penny Burbank and new Treasurer Laura Twombly Trinies.

ALF also had a new address: 1155C Arnold Dr. #418, Martinez CA 94553.



December 17: A new essay has been added to the Essay page: "Libertarians Against Empathy: Is “Logic” Enough? by Ross Kenyon. CLICK HERE for the essay. In this essay from ALF News 83, Kenyon chastises those libertarians who imagine that empathy toward others is somehow not "logical" or is too "politically correct." Writes Kenyon: "If we seek to be free from the government regulating us from afar, and we seek to have the market free to supply whatever we demand, it is up to us to demand a world of virtue and kindness." As libertarian feminists, we agree. Not being able to empathize with other is not a virture; it is a psychological deficit and will only set back the spread of libertarian ideas.

November 4: A new issue of the ALF Newsletter is now available. For a pdf of the ALF News 83 Fall 2011 issue, CLICK here. other back issues are available by CLICKING here. The lead article is "Government Is Women's Enemy Revisited, Part 1" on how women's reproductive freedom is slowly being eroded away through government actions. The next installment will deal with how government regulations make day care unaffordable for many and how marriage tax regulations harm women. In the current issue. an article by new ALF member Ross Kenyon looks at the issue of empathy and why is is important to libertarians.

Sharon Presley's talk at Libertopia was well-received. The video will be available soon. Meanwhile the version of her talk on the same topic (see below) given at UC Berkeley in September for the local Students for Liberty group can be see on YouTube by CLICKING here.

ALF has a new physical mail address. See Contact page for new information.

October 13: Sharon Presley's talk "Government Is Women's Enemy" at Libertopia in San Diego will be Friday Oct. 21 at 2pm. See Libertopia.org for further details. The critical workshop is on Saturday at 4pm. The longer version of this talk done at UC Berkeley (see below) is now available on YouTube. CLICK HERE for the link. There will be an ALF table staffed by ALF members.

Sharon will also be speaking at UC San Diego Thursday Oct. 20 at 8pm. The topic is "Standing Up to Experts and Authorities."

September 27: A link to an additional article has been added to the Essays page: "No Authority But Oneself: The Anarchist Feminist Philosophy of Autonomy and Freedom" by Sharon Presley [on Voltairine de Cleyre] CLICK HERE to go to Essays page.

We now have new photos of Suzanne LaFollette. One is a hi-res photo we obtained from the Library of Congress, the others are courtesy of Carol Moore's cell phone. They were taken at the Library of Congress Photos Archive room. Thanks, Carol! CLICK HERE for the LaFollette page.


August 7: ALF has started a section for practical libertarian alternatives in our Links section, This list will grow over time. We started with several links to homeschooling websites, several of which are done by libertarians. Click here for Links

July 22: There's an excellent bio of early 20th c. libertarian feminist Suzanne LaFollette by Jeff Riggenbach titled "The Life and Work of Suzanne LaFollette at the Mises Institute blog. Click here

Sharon Presley will be speaking on "Government is Women's Enemy" at Libertopia Oct. 21-23, 2011. Click here. She will also be doing a workshop on critical thinking there. Exact times and dates to be announced later.

July 12: Sharon Presley will be speaking at her old alma mater Cal (University of California Berkeley) on Sept. 14. This talk, sponsored by the local Students for Liberty group on campus, is titled "Government Is Women's Enemy." Details on time and location will be announced later this summer.

April 22 : A newly reorganized and redesigned ALF website goes live. Please see our new features by clicking on Speakers Bureau, and Resources, as well as newly added articles under Resources/Essays, a new contact form, and a new Libertarian Feminist Heritage paper on the late Joan Kennedy Taylor. The essay on Suzanne La Follette now includes a photo of her as well as an obituary from National Review where she worked as managing editor in the 1950s. Click here for La Follette update.

A references/recommended reading list from Sharon Presley's talk on how government harms women given at the Students for Liberty Conference is now posted on the Essays page. For a direct link to it, click here.

If you want to show your support of ALF by joining, the membership is FREE until June. Click here to join.

January 5: Sharon Presley will deliver a talk at the International Students for Liberty Conference to be held at Georgetown University, Washington, DC on Sunday, February 20, 2011 at 10:30am. The talk is titled: "How Government Harms Women and the Nonharmful Alternatives." For more information, click here.





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